Customer Feedback: Bianca Moden

Digital change through virtual worlds

“TEX-DESIGN™ by Koppermann facilitates the development of sophisticated print designs and their variants in colour shades, which are indispensable for creating the Bianca Moden combination collections of unmistakable smart casual looks. Perfect fit, careful manufacturing, and a high level of comfort when wearing the outfits are combined with innovative and trendy designs. The TEX-KNIT™ and TEX-CHECK™ modules can be used to simulate unusual knit and fabric surfaces easily and quickly on the basis of the comprehensive stitches library and the vast selection of textures.

By using the developments of the Koppermann products, purely virtually animated collections come to life in 3D design software programs representing fashion ideas true to life. The interaction of these highly specialised application possibilities results in excellent possibilities in the collections development and downstream departments. Our employees work with the latest state of technology, which is why they are accordingly qualified and can contribute in a targeted way to operational optimisation. Digital progress comes to show in virtual worlds, which open up possibilities going far beyond drafting a collection.

We sum up: The Koppermann products are to us a “must have” in development.”

Maike Schlütter
Managing Director, Product Development/Purchasing
BIANCA Moden GmbH & Co. KG