Impuls AG

ImPuls AG from Krefeld, Germany, founded in 1975, specializes in software development and consulting. Its main focus is on ERP II – systems and inventory management systems for the textile, clothing and shoe industries. The industry solution “ImPuls fashion XL–based on Semiramis” is based on the platform-independent and object-oriented programming language of Java and maps the special aspects of colors, sizes, lengths and washes. The solution can be used in upmarket retail, wholesale or production. ImPuls fashion is aimed at small and medium-sized companies and provides a seamless ERP system from production right down to the point of sale with integrated or third-party cash register connection. ImPuls AG markets the standard ERP II solution Semiramis as a cross-industry solution. Its reference customers include delmod, Canda, Tuzzi, Marcona, Rösch, Cawö, Closed and Kookai.