PackshotCreator offers automated solutions for product photography and visual merchandising at. These are designed to accelerate the product image creation, including improving the quality of visualization and to make products attractive. With 13 years of experience in photo studio technologies, has packshotCreator Provided solutions for the apparel industry and developed. For footwear, apparel and accessories: these systems offer a variety of intuitive features for product design: Packshots, Ghost, casual wear, 3D, 360 ° views, etc. Our customers have our devices for efficient product communication chosen, among other, Ventes- privé, Globus AG, Salamander, Zalando, Kennel & Schmenger, etc.

PackshotCreator was developed for users who are not professional photographers and answered fully the product communication requirements of each company: marketing, communication, visual merchandising, web, multimedia, e-commerce, production, quality control, archiving, digitizing, design, etc. PackshotCreator was founded in 2001 in Paris with an innovative concept: a software-controlled light box for creating product photos. With the new challenges of the Internet industry, there have image capture systems allows to easily create professional product pictures within the company – a revolution. PackshotCreator is today the market leader in product photography with 29 photo studio solutions for all industries and counts 6,000 customers across Europe.