Setlog GmbH is a service provider in the field of “Internet and Information Technology“ and specialises in providing cloud-based software solutions. The company was founded in 2001 and has offices in Bochum, Cologne and New York. Setlog currently provides customised software solutions to companies in the fields of clothing, electronics, food and consumer goods as well as hardware with customised software solutions. Today, more than 100 customers in 80 countries with in excess of 45,000 applications make use of these customised solutions.

OSCA from Setlog is a cloud-based software solution that can be used both to control global value-adding chains and for the world-wide organisation of suppler management. OSCA was specifically developed for cloud-based use and connects all the partners on a platform to achieve maximum transparency and efficiency. The modular system structure within the main areas of use, namely Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Vendor & & Compliance Management (VCM), enable the development of software solutions custom-made to meet the user’s requirements. The OSCA SCM and VCM modules can be used as standalone solutions or in combination. Interfaces with other systems and the existing evaluation options increase data quality and facilitate day to day business operations. The process in OSCA are based on the “Management by Exception” – approach and focus the user’s day to day work exclusively on events deviating from the defined standard.