Software solutions from Koppermann – your partner for a strong value-adding process

Through our technology, we help companies guide their product development and marketing processes onto new paths and improve them significantly. Manufacturers and retailers who cooperate with Koppermann gain a strong strategic partner who sees the value-adding process as a central success factor from collection planning to development to sales-promoting in-shop displays and knows how to implement it on the basis of well-founded knowledge and state of the art technology. Solutions from Koppermann save time and money and deliver efficient processes and high-quality results. Koppermann optimizes every one of your processes in the value-adding chain for and with you – naturally in full consideration of your exact needs.

Develop the ideal collection scope and product mix

Learn from previous seasons and use your sales figures to develop your new schedule. Work on the sales floor even while you develop your collection. Populate your virtual, true-to-reality 3D sales area with dummies, calculate the turnover potential of your collection and decide which models you want to take to the next stage of development. Once you have determined the ideal product mix, you will soon see what quantities need to be ordered to fill the racks appealingly and to deliver sufficient supplies to every outlet.

You can then replace the dummies with the real items from the collection during the course of development. Planning will progress smoothly towards the finished shop. It serves as a communication platform for every department involved in collection development. You can generate automatic order confirmations for shops and sales areas and make them available to the person responsible for the sales space. Koppermann delivers a solution that enables you create collections where everything is a perfect fit.

One interface is all you need

The colors, the theme and the models planned for the new collection are all ready and waiting to be transformed into concrete, true-to-life drafts. Get to work with Koppermann Fashion Design. Choose the season’s colors, select sketches from your library and modify them as required. Scan in and modify fabrics and materials. Create reports and assign them to your drafts. Design or modify scanned prints and develop knit and weave professionally. Koppermann brings clarity to your designs thanks to a clear file structure. Once you are satisfied with your results, you can start preparing the presentation of your drafts. Release the drafts and integrate them in your PLM system. Send the drafts and the corresponding details, measurements and instructions to the producer. This will significantly reduce the cost of samples.

More than 20 years of cooperation with designers have resulted in a solution that is both highly specialized and user friendly. Koppermann Fashion Design automates work steps that are time-consuming and detract from creative activities. In addition to powerful software, we also offer customized training programs so you get the best for your work and company from the software, plus training on the job and a support team that delivers fast and competent answers to your questions.

Wertschoepfungsprozess Koppermann

Get to the finished product faster through transparent product development

Product development is at the heart of your company. It involves a number of internal departments as well as external partners who manufacture the products. Intelligent management of these different data and documents makes processes more efficient.

You can map many different product development processes in Koppermann PLM and adapt them time and again to reflect changing circumstances. The software provides you with an overview of all the design-related, technical and commercial product information in a single system and a standardized, user-friendly layout. The different departments involved in product development all work with a central system.

Create calculations, customized reports and queries on the current status of your product development. Communicate product information via email. Employees and partners around the world can access product data in real-time via the internet or mobile solutions. Koppermann solutions make your product development workflow and processes faster and more transparent.

Monitor your work processes and make them more efficient

Make the processes that take place within your enterprise clearly visible. This is the first step towards understanding where potential is available to simplify processes, reduce costs and avoid mistakes. Koppermann is the partner at your side who can help you graphically map your complex processes with efficient simplicity

You can assign your employees’ capacities and resources as soon as the process is defined. Log tasks by employee and department, assign responsibilities and define the time allocated for completion. This way, you will always know who is doing what and whereabouts in the process they are at any given time. Many processes are standardized. This saves you time and costly mistakes, and ensures compliance with deadlines and delivery schedules.

Perfect presentation of your brand and goods

Floor space is expensive. Customers need fast orientation and inspiration, and they need to be able to find what they are looking for. Koppermann Virtual Floor Management takes these floor space aspects into consideration while you are planning your collection so you can see your collection through the eyes of your customers. Your sales space is limited. Give it the best possible design from both visual and commercial aspects. Create an overview of sales item performance and establish key performance indicators for even more efficient planning and processes for the next season. You will save your merchandisers a lot of time by issuing clear specifications to your shops or sales space partners. Creating these specifications with Koppermann software is fast and efficient and the result is both professional and appealing. It strengthens your brand identity not only with regard to your customers, but also throughout your entire enterprise all the way to partners and sales personnel. Use your perfect presentation documents to gain new sales space and convince new sales space partners. Be a reliable partner who takes care of his brand and maintains a comprehensive value-adding network from draft to POS. It will enable you to make an early preliminary selection from your collection that best suits your brand concept.

Koppermann optimizes your processes and ensures maximum added value.