TEX-DESIGN studentflex subscription for students in fashion and textile design

Koppermann is committed to the cooperation with educational institutions in the field of fashion and textiles. For many years, we have been providing schools and universities with software on special terms, and we repeatedly give practical lectures on digitalisation in the fashion and textile industry as part of teaching events.

We are repeatedly asked by students whether they can use TEX-DESIGN™ outside of their educational institution. Therefore, we have developed a new offer:

Work like the professionals in the fashion and textile industry – from now on, students can use the TEX-DESIGN™ software independent of their educational institution.

The TEX-DESIGN™ studentflex subscription offers aspiring designers everything they need to design prints, sketches and entire collections, to create mood boards, to present and communicate ideas. With the plug-ins included in the subscription, it is also possible to design fabrics and knits, draw with vectors and simulate designs photo-realistically on photos.

The subscription with the complete TEX-DESIGN™ software package is available to students at specially favoured conditions – with a term of 6 or 12 months.