TEX-DESIGN™ Version 8.00.239 – a Highlighting for your Creativity

TEX-DESIGN™ Version 8.00.239 – a Highlight for your Creativity

Once again, the fans of the professional software-solution TEX-DESIGN™ consisting of the most creative minds in the fashion industry, have cause for celebration:

The new version 8.00.239 is available now!

For more than 20 years, Koppermann has been collaborating with the top-minds of the industry to provide you with a software-solution to enable the professional and highly creative work in the design-departments of the international fashion- and textile-industries – always at the cutting edge of technology, with A Passion for Innovation!

For more than 20 years, Koppermann has been developing, in collaboration with the major representatives of the industry, state-of-the-art and innovative solutions that facilitate professional, and at the same time highly creative, work in the design departments of the international fashion and clothing companies.

This year, our development-team has once again spared no expenses nor efforts in creating an all-new version including a large number of spectacular new features as well as a lot of your feedback to support your digital collection development process.

Here are a few highlights to give you a small taste of the new version:

The ability to work with vectorized and pixel-based graphics within the same application is unique to TEX-DESIGN™, enabled by the TEX-LINE™ plug-in. New with the latest version of TEX-LINE™ is the function „wave-line“. It enables the quick and easy construction of folds and flounces. A great feature for either your summer collection or evening wear.

TEX-DESIGN™ helps you to push the digitization of your design-process ever further. The TEX-DRESS™ plug-in enables you to quickly visualize your latest designs and substantially reduce the need for costly prototyping. Another highlight of this latest version is the ability to group grids and set a distinct color for each group. This makes the distinction of different groups easier and the simulation of a specific look (e.g. for shirt- or allover-print-development) even quicker.

Many companies have already discovered the ease with which TEX-CHECK™ allows them to construct new woven textiles. This much-beloved tool for the design and development of weave patterns is now even more user-friendly, enabling you to quickly and efficiently construct even the most complicated weaves.

Of course, this is but a small preview! TEX-DESIGN™ 8.00.239 has many more exciting new features to offer!

You would like to start and discover more details about the current version of TEX-DESIGN™?
We offer exclusive online training of the highlights and/or intense update-training to show you the optimal application of these latest features in your day-to-day work. Simply contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

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