Koppermann Project Manager Workshop – Innovation Day 2019

At the end of the year, the time has come again for Koppermann to open the gates of its think tank exclusively for long-term customers and service partners.

Participants from around 25 companies were invited to the site south of Munich on the 14 November to experience the first presentation of the latest software developments.

The brand-new PLM solution TEX-DEFINE™ CS PLUS was clearly the focus of innovation this time and was able to inspire with new and exciting features.

The OpenDialog, the control center for each user, has been extended with numerous new filters and analysis functions. Intuitive groupings, pin functions, column freezing, contrast designs and comprehensive previews go hand in hand with maximum flexibility in the individual display. The personal cockpit for each user becomes even more informative and can be easily and precisely configured to meet the requirements of each individual.

The new Koppermann app for digital image processing was presented for the first time as a highlight.
Every creative mind in the industry knows this scenario: the store check circuit begins and there are already many new inspirations to process. What would be better suited here than photographic documentation with the help of the ubiquitous smartphone? The Koppermann app not only loads the created photos directly into the TEX-DEFINE™ CS PLUS database, but the photos can also be directly categorised and even provided with location data. Should the mobile network weaken while travelling, the upload can also be finalised at a later time without any problems thanks to the offline function.

Just as in last year’s workshops, the Koppermann development team insisted this year, too, to present the strategic developments in person and to actively discuss them directly with the guests. In addition to the large round of sessions, individual topics were intensively processed and explored within small workstations. This direct exchange was very popular with both the guests and the entire Koppermann team as it is every year – because the development takes place with and for the business, right at the cutting edge of the industry.

We at Koppermann would like to thank all our guests – for the pleasant atmosphere and the creative exchange which is hugely enriching and gives us joy every year! Your consistently positive feedback spurs us on to present to you the many innovations expected in the coming year, and we are already looking forward to welcoming you to our next on site workshop in 2020!