Koppermann JUMPSTART PLM – The new PLM solution without many platitudes!

You are looking for a smart PLM solution, but you don’t want a long lasting and cost-intensive project?

Then just read on, maybe we can offer you the solution you are looking for!
In the following, we will also dispense with the very large list of PLM phrases that are sufficiently familiar to you and simply get to the point.

Almost every player in the fashion and apparel industry knows Koppermann.
Our software solutions have been supporting companies in their daily collection development for more than 20 years and we develop our solutions together with our customers, always with our finger on the pulse.

But a lot has changed in the past 20 years: digitalisation is gaining ground and simple, fast software solutions are part of the zeitgeist. So why should a PLM project take years and swallow up countless resources when there can be a simple solution?

JUMPSTART PLM is just such a simple solution!

The modular software offers everything that makes up a PLM solution in a slim and yet powerful modular system. In addition to a starter package with the classic PLM components such as model cover sheet, dimension table and parts list, numerous ADD-ONs such as a comprehensive collection frame plan, comprehensive pattern commenting or even a carelabel generator offer a high degree of specialization. These modules can be switched on directly as required and your PLM project will start in just a few days.
Data transfer to third-party systems (e.g. ERP) or the connection of your suppliers is also possible without any problems.
JUMPSTART PLM can be used both as client-server and cloud application and can be extended and configured beyond the ADD-ONs. Even individual developments are possible on request, because your PLM should grow with your company.
Very important: JUMPSTART has no “best before” date, after which there are no more updates. Our solution is fully release-capable, so that you will still get something out of your investment in many years to come and can use JUMPSTART in the long term.

You might think now: “sounds too simple, just the usual marketing phrases again”.

In fact, as a leading solution provider, we have had direct insight into the industry for many years and understand trends, processes and also difficulties like hardly any other company.

Therefore we were able to identify the smallest common intersection of all projects and combine them into a simple but powerful solution based on years of experience and our best practice.

If you have read this far, the question has certainly come up now:
“Okay, but what’s it gonna cost me?”

The price of course varies with the number of ADD-ONs you choose, but if you choose the slim starter package you can already start with a project budget of less than 40.000 EUR.
(Yes, you have confessed correctly! We are not afraid to write a price directly on the website).

Now that was a short first overview, of course we can tell you much more about JUMPSTART PLM. If you are interested in further information or a short online presentation, please contact us directly here.

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