Collection framework planning

A systematic collection planning can already decide on the success or failure of a collection in the very first step. The TEX DEFINE™ collection framework planning provides both decisive facts on the brand message and on the product weighting and detailed budget definitions relating to planned sales and investments. The capturing of all parameters required for planning is done in clear tabular form and is dynamically integrated into your individual process structure.Koppermann’s TEX DEFINE™ gives you the possibility of structured collection framework development planning together with a generation of design orders for your creative department which are defined directly and automatically in detail. You can thus systematically avoid any “blind development”, excess samples, misinterpretation of your brand message and unnecessary costs. In addition, you can reduce time effort due to unnecessary developments sustainably by up to 25%. The clearly defined creative contingency – a number of free models outside the collection framework planning – naturally still gives your creative team the free space an innovative collection always requires.