Quality assurance

Every brand message is always also associated with a specific promise of quality to the customer. This quality standard has its roots in the philosophy of the corporation and frequently forms the basis of a brand; it can only be ensured by stringent rules. Koppermann provides corporations with effective support for their brand-specific quality-assurance process and thus promotes the strengthening of the brand message and the loyalty of the end customer. Your quality control specifications are recorded and managed in a systematic and transparent process. Your corporation and your partners are always on the same page with respect to quality standards and specific brand guidelines to ensure and optimize your quality and your brand message.The end customer demands on qualitative and social standards of clothing are characterized by constant growth and can increasingly be counted among the sales-relevant factors. The social responsibility of corporations with respect to their production standards and their working conditions also represents a focused subject in addition to the health compatibility of materials and the best possible useful life of the products. Koppermann maps standardized test reports, individual guidelines and also directives to ensure your desired quality standards for your collection. Koppermann web technology means that the parameters are no longer checked only at your corporate headquarter, but can also be viewed, checked and assessed globally by all partners.