Modular collection planning

Koppermann does not only provide a vertical collection planning covering all floor spaces, but also a modular planning of your product carriers. Manufacturers frequently use their own furniture and product carriers over multi-label areas or for the presentation of their own brands in order always to communicate the optimum collection statement and brand message and also to present a perfect range for the customer at all times. With Koppermann you can systematically plan individual product carriers or multilayer modules, naturally according to your own parameters such as collection image, sales target or target group. You can perform your modular planning based on reality and on the actual floor space in dependence on the desired area of use or you can work on a theoretical economic and conceptual basis per module. The modular collection planning presents you with a uniform image of the area and of the collection, improved communications with customers and partners, but also, and not least, direct cost reductions thanks to exactly targeted ranges.