TEX-DESIGN 8.00.238 – Digitization meets creativity and passion!

Long anticipated by the industry’s creative minds, it has finally arrived: the new TEX-DESIGN™ Version 8.00.238 from Koppermann’s ideas lab is now available exclusively to you!

Be inspired by exciting new features and experience the creative digitization of your ideas with the leading software solution for the fashion and clothing industry.

For more than 20 years our development team has worked hand in hand with the main players in the market to create a solution directly in touch with the latest trends and always in tune with the increasing requirements of an innovative industry.

We would now like to offer you a little appetizer in the form of a few selected highlights presented here exclusively for you.

The TEX-DESIGN™ OBJECT MANAGER is a revolutionary application. Every item belonging to your draft is managed in a dedicated, well-arranged window where they can be used easily and intuitively. Whether structuring, editing or visibility, you always have the most important interaction options available at a glance.

This user-friendly application methodology continues through to the print menus. The print menu now also offers users the option to customize the page layout and to define the size of the color boxes.

Koppermann has also enhanced the seamless continuity of the creative design process alongside user-friendliness. Koppermann’s sketch tool TEX-LINE™, for instance, now offers an option for filling vectors with true color files without foregoing the ability to color other components of your draft in different variants. This process can sustainably simplify digital print processing without restricting the ability to make short-term, spot corrections.

The virtual design tool TEX-CHECK™ offers you even more consistency thanks to an additional coloring option with the help of the TEX-DESIGN™ GARNFUNDUS function. This pool allows you to change the color of individual yarns without any impact on their predefined yarn properties. The density and yarn count of your fabric remain intact, enabling you to quickly verify the perfect match with your preferred collection image.

In addition, the simulation tool TEX-DRESS™ adds sustainable optimization to variant management. The positioning of your draft remains visible in all marked grids until you actively discard it. This makes it much easier to position a print or fabric accurately in your simulated model as you always have the end result in view. You can also execute multiple presentations and batch processing, always in direct comparison to your original template.

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