Koppermann MASK PLM – The digital solution for mouth and nose masks or marketing gag?

The mouth-nose-mask is currently not only in, but also in front of almost everyone’s mouth.

Hardly a step outside the door and you already meet the first people with this new accessory.

Now some people may question whether these masks are useful and actually bring the desired positive effects for the health of the society, but basically we can assume that masks will accompany us for some time.

In discussions with our customers and the industry, we have come across a question that is currently occupying many companies:

What is the best way to deal with this new, mostly textile, accessory?

Ignore it? Will not work.

Integrate it into the outfit or even develop your own fashionable models? Why not! Fashion-conscious customers could certainly welcome matching masks.

Or maybe even produce them themselves?

Do masks possibly even offer a chance in these times?

Many a manufacturer has already decided very early on to produce his own masks and is very successful in doing so.

Of course, we cannot make this decision for you, but we would like to support you, if you decide to tackle the topic of mouth-nose masks!

We have been developing innovative software solutions for more than 20 years, especially for the fashion and clothing industry and have specialized in product lifecycle management solutions. In the course of the current developments we have now developed a simple, but all the more effective PLM system, which precisely maps the requirements of short-term mask production and simply calls it MASK PLM.

Now you probably read “PLM” and maybe you think directly about a large, time-consuming and costly project? In this case we can reassure you!

MASK PLM is a completely finished and purely cloud-based out-of-the-box application that requires neither installation, nor maintenance on your part.

Since the solution is specifically tailored to the requirements of oronasal masks, the application is also very easy and quick to learn. In addition to installation and user setup, a small starter package also includes a short online training and the operation can start within a few days.

But maybe you suspect that the mouth-nose mask is a “mayfly”? That could be: nobody can currently predict how the situation in the market will develop!

To address this issue, we offer MASK PLM as a pure Software-as-a-Service solution, i.e. a pure rental use. You pay for MASK PLM only as long as you actually use it and can terminate the operation directly after a short period of time. This offers you maximum flexibility and a very low financial risk.

From many years of experience we know that another question is bound to arise:

What happens with the entered data when you want to exit MASK PLM? Of course, you can export all data sets in PDF or Excel file format and save them locally to keep the data even after the end of the rental period.

Are you wondering if all this is meant seriously or just a marketing gag?

Actually no gag! MASK PLM really exists and we would like to prove it in a short online presentation! Just contact us and let’s talk about how we can support you in these turbulent times.

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