Koppermann Virtual Showroom – Present your collection online

How do you currently present the new collection to your customers and traders? How can you compensate for missed order deadlines and cancelled on-site visits, which are central to the placement of your products? And how do you position yourself for the changing requirements of the future?

A plug-in is now available for TEX-STORE™, which allows you to easily create a virtual showroom and present your collection and products online. Take a tour with your customers by navigating them through a 3D shop environment and interactively presenting the latest products exclusively and digitally.

For our TEX-STORE™ users this is only a small step. They already create their digital sales areas, whether shops or modules, without external effort and time-consuming photographs. The products used in the shop or on the modules already contain all the information relevant for sales. This information, which is very important for buyers, is now also available for web use in the digital showroom.

Click on the picture to try out the navigation in the shop and to access information on the articles

How does it work? In TEX-STORE™ you simply save your sales area (shop or modules) for online use and create a link, which you can share with your buyers. The virtual showroom is accessible via PC, tablet or smartphone.

Once your buyers got an impression of the new collection and received initial information on the prices etc. you can navigate them to your B2B portal to make an order. We can create a connection to your system, so that the process is smooth and easy for your clients.

We would be pleased to show you the virtual showroom in a short online demo and answer your questions. Simply fill out the contact form and we will get in touch with you.

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