TEX-DESIGN™ Version 8.00.240 – the TOP-3 innovations at the beginning of the year!

The year has only just begun, but the first highlight of the Koppermann think tank is already waiting impatiently in the starting blocks: the new TEX-DESIGN™ Version 8.00.240! After a first exclusive pre-presentation last November to a select group of guests, this latest version of the creative software TEX-DESIGN™ is now officially made available.

Of course, we have once again come up with something very special for you!

The latest version has it all, because this time the special focus is on optimisation and structuring of digital product development in the fashion and apparel industry.
The application methods and user guidance have been specifically adapted to the requirements of this demanding industry and sustainably refined with intuitive tools and numerous additional functions.

Curious already?

Of course, we would like to give you a first but also highly condensed overview here without boring you with endless texts, therefore:

Here we go with the TOP-3 of TEX-DESIGN™ version 8.00.240!


Clearly in the focus of the innovations are the handling of colours, colourits and all-over prints. Not only can the comprehensive COLORO colour palette now be used exclusively, but the display and design options for colour registers have also been noticeably improved. For example, all colourits (colour variants) of a design can now be automatically digitally output or printed without the need to edit numerous individual files.

This is particularly beneficial when dealing with print templates (so-called films), because now each colour of a textile print can be provided individually as a template. A noticeable relief for the actual printing of the pattern and the colour accuracy.


A comprehensively elaborated sketch not only has great creative expressiveness, but also significantly facilitates the development and production of a model. Such a high-class model sketch often consists of a multitude of individual vectors to exactly represent every detail such as seams or applications. It is easy to lose the overview in the vector jungle.

TEX-DESIGN™ version 8.00.240 has an innovation for this, too! The individual vectors are now displayed clearly and transparently in a special window. Thumbnail preview, groupings, designation and sequence: everything is now visible at a glance and you always have the perfect overview even with highly complex designs and can edit each vector with pinpoint accuracy.

As an extra plus for daily use, there are also new drawing tools for easier use of vectors, improved edge and seam functions, as well as finally the option to use vectors directly in real colour files together with objects.

Are you still reading along diligently? Then final spurt to the third highlight!


For once, we have not focused on a creative function, but on the consistency of digitisation in general. Perhaps you too are developing a creative design and then have to laboriously save it in different formats? For example, as a JPEG for the merchandise management system or in reduced resolution for the sketchbook? Usually a lot of clicks and in the end you have forgotten a format again?

The fee-based FILE MANAGER now creates such additional files fully automatically and completely in the background for you. You define an export profile for your design once, then save your file as usual in TEX-DESIGN™ format and FILE MANAGER reliably takes care of the conversion.

But that’s it for now, so much for the brief overview!

Of course, version 8.00.240 contains many more exciting innovations, especially for the TEX-DESIGN™ specialisations TEX-LINE™ (vector drawings), TEX-CHECK™ (virtual fabric construction), TEX-DRESS™ (3D simulation of prints and fabrics) and TEX-KNIT™ (digital knitting and textile structures).

But now you would like to know exactly?

We are happy to offer you an exclusive online presentation of TEX-DESIGN™ 8.00.240 or directly an intensive update training for the optimal use of the latest features in your everyday work. Simply contact us, we are already looking forward to hearing from you!

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