Innovation. Passion. Competence – Amoena digitalises product development with Koppermann

Innovation. Passion. Competence.

These words do not only characterize outstanding talents of an enterprise, but also a promise to its customers – a promise which every day since the year 1975 has been fulfilled, and will again be fulfilled with every new product.

Because thanks to diverse offerings of highly developed breast prostheses and compensation breast forms, Amoena Medizin-Orthopädie-Technik GmbH, enables women to sustainably improve their self-confidence and their well-being, especially after an illness, and to regain the lost quality of life. The Raubling specialist is not world market leader without reason and expands this position consistently and with a lot of innovation spirit – as clear affirmation of the symbiosis of function and attractive design. Towels, hats, lingerie, swim wear, wellness wear, as well as night, sport and leisure clothing complete this extraordinary portfolio, and neither do they leave any desires unfulfilled concerning fashionable colours and excellent fits.

Yet, particularly in the area of this progressive orthopaedics technique, the highest precision with every working step is imperative. In this, high quality materials and innovative development knowhow constitute the basis of successful and long lasting products.

Therefore, it is hardly surprising that also in the area of digital data processing only a product lifecycle management (PLM) could be applicable, which would meet Amoena’s stringent quality standards – because these highly specialised requirements called for a highly specialised software solution.

“Koppermann convinced us immediately due to their extensive process knowledge, a highly flexible PLM solution, which could adopt itself effortlessly to our diverse products and exacting quality standards, and also not least through the reliable availability of the project team and support at the location in Germany”, recalls Dirk Müller, Global Head of Textiles at Amoena.

All necessary product data are collected in a structured way with the central Koppermann databank technology and can – thanks to extensive analysis tools and focused evaluations – be accessed at any time, transparently and clearly. Until this time, necessary double entries and numerous self-sufficiently managed listing systems, could no more meet the steadily increasing requirements of the enterprise’s growth and had to be transformed in the quickest possible way and very precisely into a uniform and smart system. In this, the Koppermann PLM solution TEX-DEFINE™ not only streamlines and revolutionizes the existing process structures, but also minimizes entry errors and sustainably remedies time consuming information deficits.

„Before the project decision, we even had the opportunity to observe live, at one of the long-time Koppermann customers, the solution on site“, reports Dirk Müller furthermore. „This strengthened us particularly in our selection, as we were able to convince ourselves personally of the simple and intuitive application of the Koppermann PLM solution“.

And the joint success story of Amoena and Koppermann, which already started many years ago with an exciting design project, is still far from over. A structured collection framework plan concerning the further process streamlining and a global integration of the producing partners in Costa Rica and Asia, have already been planned in further project modules.

Concerning Amoena Medizin-Orthopädie-Technik GmbH

Amoena has its headquarters in Raubling, Germany. With 16 subsidiaries and over 40 distributors, we are represented in more than 60 countries. Amoena employs worldwide around 740 people and is the recognized market leader in breast care. On a world wide scale Amoena products are obtainable in hospitals and clinics, as well as in the specialised trade. In Germany Amoena products are sold in the medical specialised trade, which also offers occasionally through the mail-order business and online sales.

Amoena is specialized in the development of unique products of the highest quality and of innovative design, which provide the women with quality of life and soulish wellbeing. We are aiming to offer our business partners and customers a real added value through the constant improvement of the product offers and services. We are looking for and encourage passionate and performance oriented staff, who bring along enthusiasm for our mission. Amoena considers cultural differences an enrichment and acts pro-actively concerning ethical, ecological and social responsibility. Through continuous improvement of our abilities, we ensure a steady growth and this way we increase the value of Amoena for all who put their trust in us.