Koppermann Virtual Collection Management – creative visualisation for your collection

The collection development and the associated processes have been subject to a major transformation in recent years.
The classical model of the creative head, creating and bringing his ideas to paper in a virtuoso manner, before presenting them to the world in retail, is increasingly being relegated to the background. Companies are increasingly focusing on structured and in-depth collection planning, which considers not merely public feedback for the current season, but also recognises current trends and tendencies, and matches them with precision.

An analytical perspective on retail areas and the realistic virtualisation of designs thus form essential milestones in the modern creative development process. Collection planning is thus no longer limited to a digital sketch wall; rather, it is directly and fully virtualised on the sales floor, regardless of whether a complete store or merely a modular product carrier is to be designed. The image for the collection is shown in a clear and appealing manner, which avoids misplanning and optimises the use of existing resources. Koppermann supports companies in their development in a long-term and sustainable manner, from the initial design to the final visualisation on the floor.

Your virtual collection outline planning

Koppermann permits you to support and promote your floors accurately and effectively, as well as defining your collection image long before the selection process. Vertical collection planning allows detailed collection management, which defines your future collection in terms of the unique business style class definition. This will give you a visual feedback of the POS even before you have drafted the first sketch, allowing you to respond to any excess of bad planning immediately and in a focused manner. During the selection process, your space is populated with your creations. Vertical collection planning thus amplifies your collection image, demonstrably minimises costs, and ensures the comprehensive and optimised information and communication of all stakeholders.

Your goods carrier management

In addition to a high-quality collection, the goods carriers form a central design element for the sales performance on your floor. Appealing presentations appropriate for customers are commonly accessories made of wood, metal or glass, which emphasise the brand message of your company at all times. With the Koppermann PLM and Visual Merchandising Solution you can manage your goods carriers and floors with all components, clearly and transparently for all stakeholders. In addition to the centralised management, the notification of all floor partners regarding innovations in shopfitting and visual merchandising takes place automatically to ensure that your customers are always presented with an identical and optimal presentation of your collection, and to optimise, and to optimise the resulting performance – globally, and always up to date.

Your guidelines

Create Guidelines and planograms within the stroke of an eyelash,and support your employees on the sales floor in the most efficient and sustainable manner possible. Thanks to the central communications using the Koppermann solution, you will ensure a consistent product appearance at all times in your new flagship store, your shop-in-shop or your franchisee locations. Customer are thus presented with your clearly defined brand message, defined by your individual corporate parameters and target group definitions, at all times. At the same time your employees on the sales floor are supplied with clear guidelines on the design and assembly, and are thus able to reduce expense of effort and cash for costly redesign measures.
Your advantage: This leaves space for the essentials – the promotional advice of your customers, and sales optimisation for your floor.