EMP rocks the cloud – Europe’s largest merchandise specialist in the entertainment and music sector goes full throttle with Koppermann JUMPSTART PLM!

“From fans for fans” is the motto of EMP Merchandising Handelsgesellschaft mbH, based in Lingen (Ems) in Lower Saxony. In addition, it is precisely this idea that connects EMP and Koppermann: the customer is the focus. It is therefore not surprising that in 2020, when EMP decided to introduce a PLM system, the choice fell on Koppermann. In a targeted project, Koppermann JUMPSTART PLM was implemented as a cloud solution in record time.

With the increasing importance of e-commerce, EMP also continued to develop its structures. As early as 2012, EMP started its own product development, and in 2014, it added its own brands. However, at that time as well as today,” EMP was not a classic fashion company; the focus was on buying and merchandising,” remembers Conny Czernuska-Salomon, Head of Product Development EMP. “. Development simply works differently than buying in, so we had to make great efforts and indispensable learnings in a comparatively short time until in-house developed own-brand collections expanded the range for our customers as we know it today.” For years, EMP has been going from strength to strength; the company has been able to consistently record above-average growth. In addition to strengthening its own brands, it has expanded its collection range while sharpening its brand message. “At the core, it’s about living up to our professionalism and transparency in software as well. Efficient time management is one of the most important factors in our daily work,” Czernuska-Salomon continues. Efficiency was also always on the agenda during the PLM project phase. “EMP had already dealt intensively with the internal processes in advance and thus made a concentrated project implementation possible,” recalls Karin Kunte, project manager at Koppermann.

Existing data had already been imported before the start of the project, so that the first models could be created directly with the help of extensive libraries.

“The EMP team has an unbelievable performance and had already recorded so many styles in the PLM system in a very short time, as is the case in comparable projects only after years,” Kunte sums up enthusiastically about the course of the project.

Therefore, a cloud-based solution was also indispensable for EMP so that the cooperation and connection with the suppliers could be guaranteed from the beginning. The entire communication is mapped via an individual supplier portal. This simplifies the daily processes and reduces the susceptibility to errors as well as possible losses of information. Suppliers can work independently via their own dashboard. All processes – from the transfer of styles to price negotiations and acceptance – are controlled via this. Thanks to this portal, EMP is able to develop its collections at high speed.

“The decision in favour of Koppermann was relatively easy,” Czernuska-Salomon knew quickly: “Compared to the competitors, Koppermann’s software had the most logical structure and was the easiest to handle. There was a common thread, everything was in a flow. Visually, it also convinced us, because designers need pictures for their creative work.” Even in the personal design of the database, graphics and the very personal touch are not neglected. With Koppermann JUMPSTART PLM, it is very easy to incorporate your personal CI into the design of the database. Not only the company logo and the font were personalised, there was even the development of own icons in the style of the established EMP rock hand, which show at first glance what status products have in PLM.

It quickly becomes clear that dynamism and speed are the order of the day at EMP: “We are a fast and flexible company, there is always a lot going on at our company,” explains Czernuska-Salomon. “That’s why it was important for us not to lose track of things in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With Koppermann JUMPSTART PLM, we are happy to have a system that can dynamically map our processes and keep us all up to date.” For this reason, more and more departments of the company are being integrated into JUMPSTART PLM bit by bit. A very special tool that was developed especially for EMP is the so-called Printer Matrix. This was introduced in summer 2022 and connects the Print Business department to the system. The Printer Matrix is a modular system that allows merchandising articles to be developed quickly and easily with the help of a library of standard products. This example impressively shows how adaptable Koppermann’s PLM solution is.

The joint success story between EMP and Koppermann is not over yet. In the future, additional evaluations and sales planning are to be integrated. So there is no lack of joint ideas.

About EMP:

EMP was founded in 1986 by fans for fans and has since become Europe’s number 1 e-commerce company in rock & entertainment merchandising. The assortment consists of textiles, accessories, jewellery, picture and sound carriers and much more. EMP has always stood for a lifestyle characterised by individuality and wants to encourage everyone to live it out – a lifestyle that millions of fans worldwide share with the brand.

With their versatile product range of over 30,000 items, including licensed products from internationally important bands such as Metallica, AC/DC, KISS and Iron Maiden as well as film and series merchandise from Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Rings of Power and many more, they supply millions of fans in almost every country in Europe.